Who We Are

Roundhex is a design studio seeking out clients we believe in—individuals and organizations with vision, integrity, and know-how. Once we find them, we work to earn life-long relationships and to inspire others to believe in our clients as much as we do. meet-team-button

What We Do

visual identities

Visual Identities

Helping our clients articulate who they are and figuring out how to communicate that identity visually is often the most rewarding challenge.

web design

Web Design

Unlike many design studios, we have a genuine passion for web development. Writing our own code gives us minute control over design.

print design

Print Design

As the world has gone digital, being able to put a beautiful printed piece in someone’s hands has helped some of our clients set themselves apart.

Why "Roundhex"?

Roundhex is short for rounded hexagon—the shape of most modern-day pencils. When we first discovered the history of the pencil, the story resonated with us as it parallels the approach and work of Roundhex.