Daniel Dallabrida

Visual Identity, Website & Printed Materials

Ten years ago, Daniel Dallabrida made a courageous career change: he stepped down as CEO of a thriving marketing firm, went back to school, and became an artist. Today, he has an impressive body of work and multiple solo shows under his belt. Daniel, we are inspired — and delighted to be playing a part in your new career.

Identity, Website & Print Design

Visual Identity

Designing a visual identity for a visual artist presents a special kind of challenge. It should have a distinctive character, but the volume needs to be turned way down so it doesn’t distract from the art. For the logo, we imaged an un-inked stamp pressed into wet clay, visible only in the right light.


For the website we kept the layout clean and stuck to shades of gray. Less attention focused on the design means more attention focused on the art.

Print Design

When Daniel landed a solo show at Anderson Ranch Arts Center, he asked us to design and produce a collection of promotional pieces.