Labyrinth Books

Website Design

Labyrinth Books wants you to get lost. And they mean that in the best way. The Princeton-based shop is a place you’d actually want to get lost — lost in their stacks, lost browsing tables of staff picks, and lost in books you didn’t know you were looking for. Bringing that experience to a full-featured online store was the challenge put to us in 2004, and they’ve been going strong ever since.


Roundhex has been doing web design work for our bookstore since 2003. They’ve been reliable, thorough, professional, and expert. Communication with the team is prompt and direct without fail, which allows us to trouble-shoot quickly when needed, and to adjust to the demands of projects when they change mid-way. In all these years, I have never felt the need or urge to look for anyone else.

Dorothea von Moltke
Co-Owner of Labyrinth Books