Paul Sullivan

Visual Identity & Mobile Responsive Website Design

When New York Times writer Paul Sullivan approached us about redesigning his website for the launch of his second book, we recommended taking a longer view. Yes, this was only book #2, but he hoped to write many more. It was time for a site that would present the full breadth of Paul’s work — without needing a redesign for each new book. And it was time for a visual identity that could extend beyond just a website.

Visual Identity

Rapid Concept Development

With the book launch impending, time was in short supply. Rough pencil sketches allowed us to quickly develop a few dozen ideas and figure out what had potential and what to avoid.

And the Winner is…

In the end a simple, friendly speech bubble seemed to capture one of Paul’s enviable talents: he can take complicated, boring stuff and make it easy-to-understand and interesting. He also has a genuine passion for story-telling and public speaking. Perfect!

Print Materials

The new visual identity translated nicely to print for his business cards and letterhead.

Mobile Responsive Website Design

Going Mobile

About a third of US visitors on a typical website are browsing from a smartphone or tablet. Given Paul’s savvy readership, it may be even more in his case. So it seemed important to develop a fully “responsive” design that would be easy for ALL his visitors to read and navigate. In other words, the site automatically detects the size of a visitor’s screen and responds by presenting a layout optimized for that size.

TV and Radio

Paul has been interviewed on radio and television programs across America, including NPR, Marketplace, CNN, and Fox News. Rather than send visitors to the interviews on these different sites, we embedded or hosted all featured video and audio files directly on the site.

Journalistic Beginnings

Paul’s success as an author sprang from his career in journalism — a career in which he continues to thrive today. So we weren’t about to let his wonderful writings for the “Wealth Matters” column of the New York Times (and many others) play second fiddle. A dedicated journalism page features the most recent articles with intro blurbs and featured images. And the homepage spotlights his latest article, something Paul can update in a flash — right from WordPress.

Alexej and his team are first rate. If you’re like me, a buttoned-up type, you might think: how hard is this bearded guy with the easy laugh going to work for me? But he’s as savvy and engaged as anyone I know. As for his team, they’re like the Fantastic Four (or Paw Patrol, if you have young kids) who come together with their special skills and make everything run smoothly.

Paul Sullivan