Paula Kluth

Website Design

Dr. Paula Kluth is a consultant, author, and scholar who guides teachers and parents in creating engaging classrooms inclusive of students with disabilities. While she is a formidable figure in her field, we did not want to design a site that would portray her as an intimidating expert. Our goal, instead, was to communicate the warm, friendly, and hands-on nature of the educators she works with. In the process, we created a logo that brings this voice to a range of print and digital materials.


From start to finish, working with the Roundhex team to rebrand the site was a great experience. During the design phase, they did a fantastic job of learning about Paula’s business and understanding her audience, and they were able to present us with many creative ideas to make the site a reflection of Paula’s work. Just as important, they possess the technical knowledge to deliver on their ideas within the time they promise. All of this remains true through the present day, as the team is still very receptive to any new inquiries we have related to the site, and I never hesitate to reach out to them for help.

Todd Aumann, PR Manager