Stretch the Imagination
Website Design

When we first toured the classrooms at Stretch the Imagination — a small, thriving preschool in the heart of San Francisco — we knew immediately that we were in for a treat. From the colorful children’s drawings posted on the walls to the willow hut in the back yard, everything got our creative wheels spinning before we even landed the job.

Bo Burlingham: Finish Big
Website and Print Materials

Working for business writer Bo Burlingham has been a big deal for Round Hex. Not because he’s a lovely guy and a great client (he is!) but because promoting his books has meant that we’ve read his books — and they’ve had a profound influence on us. Thank you, Bo, for showing us the way to a business that’s not about money but an expression of our core values and identity.

Paul Sullivan
Identity & Mobile Responsive Website Design

When New York Times writer Paul Sullivan approached us about redesigning his website for the launch of his second book, we recommended taking a longer view. Yes, this was only book #2, but he hoped to write many more. It was time for a site that would present the full breadth of Paul’s work — without needing a redesign for each new book. And it was time for a visual identity that could extend beyond just a website.

The Shanghai Quartet
Identity & Website Design

“Our website looks like a Chinese menu,” complained Nick Tzavaras, cellist of the celebrated Shanghai Quartet. He wasn’t wrong. But clients who know they need design help may still feel reluctant to overhaul things. In one sentence, though, Nick had given us permission to start from scratch. We were thrilled.

Alban Gerhardt
Identity & Website Design

German cellist Alban Gerhardt has been our client for 15 years, and the website we first built for him was one of our very first. Alban is one of the great living cellists, but also a true artist: he has a powerful musical vision and the courage to let loose and go for it. It has been a joy to see him flourish, and a privilege to support him along the way.